Fuck The Oscars! Remembering Rupert Pupkin

January. Fuck The Oscars. March

February is here and that means one thing, the Super bowl. Good luck gamblers. Remember though, when that thing between the commercials is done, take your winnings and, “Let Em Ride” onto the Oscars. However here at the Angry Usher, fuck the Oscars. So save your money or give your baby mama her child support. AHH not so fast, don’t forget your other baby mama.

This year the great Robert De Niro is nominated for his supporting role in that movie that had so many memorable scenes, like that one with Jennifer Lawrence in yoga pants, Silverpanties Playbook.  Although enjoyable, his performance could have easily been portrayed by my father, also a crazy man in a robe who occasionally says some inspirational shit. I enjoy me some De Niro, but he’s been in better roles that Oscar didn’t award him for. He didn’t get a naked gold guy for: Taxi Driver, Deer Hunter, Cape Fear or Awakenings, where Bobby-Boy plays catatonic for a large chunk of the film. Acting, my friends, is an art form and true art is never fully appreciated. I read that on a bathroom wall, but the word “acting” was replaced with the word “shit”,  which made me release two toots (of laugher).  Good quote nonetheless.

The King of Comedy is a De Niro movie that was overlooked for a nomination.  He is Rupert Pupkin, an aspiring comic who wants to make it into showbiz. As a funny man myself, I instantly related to stand up Bob, until I found out he isn’t that funny, and he’s sad as fuck (ok I found it VERY RELATABLE). Envision Rupert as Travis Bickle, but with  talent. He’s a loner who pretends to host a Late Night talk show in his apartment. In typical De Niro fashion he takes this sad character and makes you want to root for him. Too bad Rupert Pupkin can’t hear you. After getting turned down for a spot on a Late Night show hosted by the guy who ate Jerry Lewis (Jerry Lewis), Rupert takes matters into his own hands. This film is directed by Martin Scorsese, and when these men create something together the end product never disappoints. They make cinema crack and this film is the perfect fix.

Fuck The Oscars!  and check out this classic at your local classic-movie-store.


Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.” Rupert Pupkin

Jon “Jersey”  M.

Work at a movie theater? Hate the Oscars? Love the Oscars and want to write a review about something that isn’t particularly related to the Oscars? Drop us a line at TheAngryUsher@gmail.com   (Please, we’re so lonely!)


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